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PGame results wk7 and events wk8

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PGame results wk7 and events wk8

Post by Graveller » Feb Tue 12, 2019 4:47 am

We are back to normal; both ATP and WTA in action this week.
Winners last week (ATP-week only) were Pyotr (ATP250 Montpellier), Rex (ATP250 Sofia) and Graveller (ATP250 Cordoba). For all three winners it was the first time that they won that specific tournament.

This week we travel all over the world: Middle East, Europe, North America, South America.
* WTA Prem. Doha: Rex is the 2018 title defender; players who won this event multiple times are Graveller (3x), Wannadoo75 (2x) and Glowingbrains (2x); I do not expect the last one to show up after a 10y-absence (would be nice though...)
* ATP500 Rotterdam: Jeff in Texas and Pyotr were co-winners last year. Rex is the one with most wins over here (3x), with Jeff in Texas and 93tennisroyalty winning twice in the past.
* ATP250 New York: Rex was the winner of the inaugural edition in 2018.
* ATP250 Buenos Aires: Perdida and Themo were co-winners last year. No multiple winners in this tournament so far.

Good luck to all!!
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