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Overview of '18-ATP-PGame results

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Re:Overview of '18-ATP-PGame results

Post by Pyotr » Dec Tue 11, 2018 3:47 pm

Give me the titles any day!

While I'd like my overall ranking and in the various categories to be higher
I take way too many risks. We'll see how this upcoming season pans out.

Thanks CrossCourtBH!
Thanks for the awesome work& congrats on the titles Graveller!

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Post by Graveller » Dec Wed 12, 2018 4:55 am

Pyotr: I agree with you; ni general I prefer the titles over the ranking.

But I tried to limit my risks over the last months in WTA because I saw that I got close to the #1 spot. And I wanted it once more because when I got it for almost a year in 2011-2012, there were only 5-6 regulars, so easier to get to #1. And in the restart in 2011 (after no games for 8 months), there were only 3-4 players for 3-4 months.
Now there are more players, so harder to get to #1.

FYI, Pyotr, if I remove all 2018 points up to (and including RG), then I get the following ranking:

1. Pyotr - 944 pt
2. Jeff in Texas - 943 pt
3. Graveller - 936 pt
4. Perdida - 907 pt

So these 4 are the current front-runners to be #1 after RG; if you predict as well as the rest, you have a decent shot at getting to #1 at some point.

Same for me, so I may take less risks in the events where a lot of points can be gained (Slams, ATP1000). In the ATP250, it does not matter as only the best Nine events of this category count.

But it looks as if the battle for #1 in PGame ATP will be very interesting in 2019. All 8 regulars (the 4 mentioned + CrossCourt, Wannadoo75, Themo and Rex) are within 150 point halfway the year. So some good uWPs and fmKOs in the major events could bring any of these at #1 by June.
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Post by Pyotr » Dec Fri 14, 2018 11:40 pm

May the best prognosticator win!

Game On!

Jeff in Texas
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Post by Jeff in Texas » Dec Sat 15, 2018 7:11 pm


Thanks for the stats and update, and thanks to all who make the games possible. We appreciate it.

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