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MARIA'S Appearance Fee Demands

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MARIA'S Appearance Fee Demands

Post by Grossefavourite » Nov Sat 02, 2019 2:54 pm

Luxembourg Open discloses financial agreement with Maria Sharapova

In an interview with Le Quotidien, Luxembourg Open Tournament Director Danielle Maas spoke about the challenges of bringing Maria Sharapova to play the tournament that takes place next week. Maas admitted it was far from easy.

"She is a girl every tournament dreams to have," she said. "But it was her agent to ask us if she could play. Maria wanted to play on the European soul in the late stage of the season. I admit I was surprised by their approach toward us.

And then, thinking a bit, I figured out she was not committed to Asia like other players during that time. But she attended Paris fashion week and she contacted Linz and us in order to get her confidence back." On the economical agreement they found with Sharapova, Maas added: "We warned that we did not have the usual $300,000 Maria asks for.

That's an even bigger price than all the players competing (around $250,000). But I do not think Maria is playing for money. But to get her confidence back, as I said. We tried to find a partner so that we could cover two-thirds of the requested price.

And we found the co-operation with Socom, as we announced in a press conference on Monday." Asked about the future of the tournament, Maas concluded: "In a WTA meeting, we saw the statistics and we are at the average level.

In a tournament like Moscow, some years ago, six top ten players lost in the first round. It's a reality, we cannot do anything. Five or six years ago, sometimes I did not sleep at night for an event like this. Now we are okay anyways."

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