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Results of Wk7, PGmes in Wk8

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Results of Wk7, PGmes in Wk8

Post by Graveller » Feb Mon 18, 2019 10:19 am

Four events, but 5 winners so we have an event with more than one winner...

* WTA Prem.Doha: Elise Mertens gave two players a win in this event: Graveller and Mytiwtiw. For Graveller, the 4th time that he wins this desert-event. For Mytiwtiw, his first win since 2017... With Maria returning in 2018, Mytiwtiw got distracted in his selection of uWPs and fmKOs... maybe he saw the light...

In ATP, we see winners who never won that event before
* ATP500 Rotterdam: Perdida
* ATP250 New York: Jeff in Texas i
* ATP250 Buenos Aires: Pyotr.

For this week, we have 5 different events, so a lot of opportunities for everyone to get some glory:
WTA Prem.5 Dubai: title-defenders are Pyotr. The players who won this event most often (= two times), are Graveller, Mytiwtiw and Serenarulz09
WTA Intern.Boedapest: title defender of this event is Graveller
ATP500 Rio: Title defender is Padawan
ATP250 Delray Beach: Title defender is Perdida
ATP250 Marseille: Title defender is Themo.
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