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Congrats to Fritz

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Congrats to Fritz

Post by Joylan1 » Mar Sun 20, 2022 8:49 pm

For winning IW and beating Nadal. I was surprised that Nadal won the AO. I guess players like Stefanos and Zverev only wanted to stop Novak.

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Re: Congrats to Fritz

Post by Graveller » Mar Tue 22, 2022 11:16 am

You guessed wrong.

you have access to internet: so next time al least take a look at H2Hs (and more specific results at slams) before posting conspiracy nonsense.

Zverev+Tsitsipas: ZERO wins at slam level vs Novak (Tsitispas last win vs Novak dates 2019)
And Nadal did lose vs Tsitsipas at the AO in 2021.
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Re: Congrats to Fritz

Post by Grossefavourite » Mar Tue 22, 2022 2:03 pm

Fritz benefitted from Nadal's serious injury:

Rafael Nadal out 4-6 weeks with stress fracture in his rib: ‘This is not good news.’

After a strong start in 2022, Rafael Nadal will be out four to six weeks with a stress fracture to a rib. The 21-time Grand Slam winner announced the injury Tuesday, saying “this is not good news.”

Nadal had not lost in 20 matches this year and won the Australian Open, edging ahead of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic for the most all-time Grand Slam singles titles. He appeared to have suffered the rib injury during last week’s BNP Paribas tournament in California in a semifinal against Carlos Alcaraz and received treatment on the court. Although he won that match, he fell in the final to Taylor Fritz.

“This is not good news and I did not expect this,” Nadal tweeted. “I am disappointed and sad because after such a good start of the season, I was coming to a very important part of the year with very good feelings and good results. But hey, I’ve always had that fighting and overcoming spirit and what I will do is be patient and work hard [to recover].”

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