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Going to the YEC...

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Going to the YEC...

Post by Graveller » Feb Mon 17, 2020 4:36 am

At this time of the year, looking at the standings for YEC-qualifications is amusing- some names that are not expected:
1. Kenin
2. Muguruza
3. Barty
4. Rybakina
5. Halep
6. Bertens
7. Alexandrova
8. Kvitova

I expect some changes, but I can see 5 names surviving the next 8 months. For Alexandrova and Rybakina, it will be too soon, and Muguruza it still an unknown for me. I guess that Dubai and Doha will be telling (if she can't beet granny Kim, then there is no hope).
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