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When Slams points drop off...

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When Slams points drop off...

Post by Graveller » Jan Thu 23, 2020 9:33 am

.... you can go down badly...

Rankings are there for creating balanced draws. More than once I 'complained' about the huge amount of points given at slams. it creates wrong rankings.
Look at Danielle Collins today: ranked in the top 30 for a while thanks to a deep run at the AO last year. Now she loses in R2 and drops to #49 in the live rankings (and could drop out of the top 50 if some other players do well in R3/R4...). Instead of being seeded, she can start preparing for qualies in many Premier events....
Same for Osaka: losing tomorrow against Gauff and she is not even in the top8 anymore.

Slams give you prestige and money, but the ridiculous amounts of ranking points is an unnecessary benefit. Vandeweghe, Bouchard, Pennetta, Vinci... examples of top10 players in the ranking because of 1-2 good slam runs, but it never made them real top10 on the court.

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Re: When Slams points drop off...

Post by djmm1962 » Jan Thu 23, 2020 9:58 am

True That!!

I miss the Quality Points tho ~ They got rid of them when the WS would beat everyone ranked higher than them without playing a full 18+ tournaments!!

Now, we have this mess!!

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