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This game is to select all the Quartefinalists, the Semifinalists and the Finalists at once.

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Prediction closes right before the first match of the Round16

Anonymous Prediction for Santiago:( ATP -- Chili Dove Men+Care Open - Santiago, Chile - 250k)

R16 Matches
C.Garin - A.DFokina

T.Wild - J.Londero

P.Guevas - R.Olivo

T.Barrios - H.Dellien

T.Monteiro - R.Baena

J.Varillas - A.Ramos

F.Delbonis - S.Caruso

A.Tabilo - C.Ruud

QuarterFinal 1  (pts=)

QuarterFinal 2  (pts=)

QuarterFinal 3  (pts=)

QuarterFinal 4  (pts=)

SemiFinal 1  (pts=)

SemiFinal 2   (pts=)

Final   (pts=)

Get Greedy:  (max=32)

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** How to Play:
1 - Select the 4 QuarterFinal matches.
2 - Then make your semifinal pick.
3 - Finally, select the final match-up.
4 - Optionally, enter your 'Greedy' (see explanation bellow).

Click on 'Update Selection' to save your prediction to the database... Verify that your Final is correct, otherwise, fix the error and Update. Done.

**Get Greedy: Pick your own Bonus, a positive number less than 33.
If your Prediction for the Final match-up is correct, we\'ll add your GREADY number to your total, otherwise, your total will be reduced by that number.

Your gain so far is QF=, SF=, F= for a Grand Total= until the next Recalculation is triggered by Commish.

All fields must be filled in before the first match of the Round16.