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Posted: Feb Thu 01, 2018 11:12 pm       How to beat an aggressive player (tennis series #2)

Joined06 Oct 2013

Here are some tips on how to beat an aggressive player. These are players that want to pound the ball at every occasion..

(1) Attack the 2nd serve and get him on move immediately.

(2) Extend the rallies, most of these types of players are not patient and they are usually 4-6 shot players who would rather hit an unforced error than to play a long drawn out point.

(3) GET INTO THE MIND! These players are tightly wound and they do not like to think beforehand because they are instinctual in nature.

(4) Make them hit their aggressive shots at an angle. Most power players like to hit hard shots over the lower part of the net.

(5) Hit some slices and drop shots to draw them into the net on YOUR terms and not theirs and then lob them thereby testing their patience.

(6) be prepared to run down some hard shots!!!!!
(7) Use controlled aggression of your own or first strike tennis. In other words, "punch the puncher."

These tactics should assist you in playing this type of player

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Posted: Feb Fri 02, 2018 2:15 am       

Joined17 Jun 2011
LocationAntwerp - Belgium

In other words: variation and smart point construction 😀

"Never argue with an idiot - they take you down to their level and then beat you on experience"

"Don't wrestle with a pig: you both get dirty, but the pig actually likes it"
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