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Posted: Jun Wed 27, 2018 11:28 pm       Re:SERENA'S Big Announcement Tomorrow

Joined09 Jul 2008
LocationRegina, Saskatchewan

I am waiting for that before submitting my Skan team.
If Serena is not seeded, that makes it easier to select any ladies to fill my other 2 WTA spots.
Please, don't seed her as long as you give me Serena vs Pova match-up in R1.

ummm ... we don't go by seedings, remember. She shoudn't appear in the rankings list when you set up the table, even though she's now being seeded 25th.

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Posted: Jun Thu 28, 2018 9:17 am       Re:SERENA'S Big Announcement Tomorrow

Joined04 Jun 2006

@ Grossefavourite:
Nadal is not the favorite for Wimby, Roger is, per consensus bookies (and my pick) and he is also the favorite for the USO. Says a lot for him at age 37 to be the favorite for those events.

I'm not picking Serena for Wimby, for she has no match play, tho' she was playing well at the French ere she had to withdraw due to injury. My girl Petra K. remains flaky. She can lose to anyone in the early rounds, gifting herself out of competition. Seen it far too often in her career up to this point.  No court discipline, like Venus...... So, my women's favorite for Wimby is no one.

However, for NYC Serena's playing at least one warm-up (San Jose at this point) in addition to maybe playing either the Rogers or Cincy, which will then give me a clue about her chances, for then she'll have match play. After such, doing well, she's my pick for NYC.


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