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Posted: Aug Sat 12, 2017 12:08 pm       Ostapenko at 14
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Joined14 Sep 2004

Aljona was 14 when this interview took place.

A?ona Ostapenko: "Gribu b?t Top 3 pasaul?! Maz?k mani neapmierin?s" ? Latvijas sportisti ? Teniss ?

Who were your childhood (tennis)idols?
I liked how Justine Henin played, also Kim Clijsters. Right now I really like Viktoria Azarenka. But not Sharapova. I don't like how she looks, how she plays. Her technique also isn't good. Not like Vika`s. I like everything about her.

How about our(Latvian) players?
I like Gulbis. But overall I'am not a big fan of him. I don't like that he doesn't work hard enough in practices, and is lazy. But he has a huge talent, that's why he still can play on the highest level.

What about Sevastova?
No, I don't like how she plays. Nastja relays too much on defense. She isn't a bad player, I just don't like hers style. I don't want to play like we do in Latvia. I like offensive tennis. Defensive tennis isn't a real tennis for me.

At the moment the words number one player is Caroline Wozniacki, who plays defensive tennis, and reached the highest level playing it.
Yes she is number one, but no one really thinks she is the best, other than she himself! No one likes her! Or, perhaps, some people like her, but those are the same players who are playing similar boring tennis! Tennis where you wait for you opponents errors isn't real tennis. You need to win points for yourself, and not just expect presents from your opponent. I would choose not to play tennis at all, rather then playing it like they do. I think the number one should be Azarenka, but she has mental issues, can't find stability. One match she is playing great, other one she is terrible.

Do you watch tennis a lot on TV?
Yeah! I really like watching matches, both womens and mens. My favorite is Del Potro. I also like Federer and Nadal. But I really dislike Djokovic. He is always acting out. Doesn't work hard, just likes to show off. "Iam the best!!" etc..
o show off. "Iam the best!!" etc..

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Posted: Aug Sat 12, 2017 2:44 pm       Re:Ostapenko at 14

Joined24 Jun 2012

She also doesn't like Sharapova and thinks pre-2000s tennis was amateur tennis. Where's that WTA PR training? Can't fault her honesty but somethings should just be said off the record.
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