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PeterSkan Slam Contest

Current/Latest Contest:

Single Year: 

2017 Events:   2017_AO_SkanCanTest   2017_RG_SkanCanTest   2017_Wimbledon_SkanCanTest    + 2013_Miami_SkanTier1   

Welcome to SkanCanTest!

Here's how it works:

1. The contest winner will be the poster whose registered team earns the highest number of points as of the conclusion of the tournament.

2. Valid entries consist of a team of 6 players [3 men and 3 women] all of whom must be included in the official tournament draw.

3. Rule 3 [The 30-seed rule]: The sum total of the players ranking numbers must be no less than 30, minimum 15 for ATP and 15 for WTA. We will assign unique high numbers to unseeded players for the purpose of this contest.

4. The order of your 6-named players is the most important factor in naming your team. It represents your priority for purposes of earning domination points.

Sample Entry [guessing at the Ranking]:

Team Americana

1. Nadal [Rank 1]
2. Federer [Rank 2]
3. Jankovic [Rank 2]
4. S Williams [Rank 5]
5. Kuznetsova [Rank 36]
6. Hewitt [Rank 16]

Total = 19 for ATP and 43 for WTA ( = 62 )

Cheerleader[s]: Yankee Doodle Dandy

5. You cannot name a team consisting of the same players in the same order as a team already entered. However, you can enter a team consisting of the same players as another team, provided those players are in a different order.

6. There is no rule 6! But whatís a team without a cheerleading squad. So go ahead and nominate a cheerleader[s], just for fun. In fact, they don't even have to be a registered player. Be creative!

7. You may change the composition of your team any number of times up to the start of play, after which any further change will be ignored by the program. The only requirement here is that you will have to manage your own modifications directly on the site that is hosting the game:

8. Assign a name to your team. You can edit the team name if you wish. I'll post a shortlist of the best entries, umm .. when I retire Ė yeah, thatís it, when I retire! *backs away slowly*


OK - here are the basics:

1. Domination Points:
These are based on how soundly your players beat their opponents. A key factor in calculating these points is how high you have seeded them on your team. For example, if you seed Ivanovic 2nd on your team and she thrashes a player 6-0 6-0, you will get 60 points; however, if you seeded Ana 5th on your team, you will only get 24 points for that same score. If your player loses, you will lose the corresponding Domination points. No winning player will be penalized for losing more games than their opponent. In such cases the default is 0 points.

2. Progression Points
You get additional points whenever your players advance to the next round [10 for round 1, 20 for round 2, 30 for round 3, 50 for round 4, 80 for Round 5, etc.]. Catch on?

3. Quality Points
You get further points when your player defeats an opponent who is in the top-32 in the Ranking. The number of points is based on how highly the opponent is ranked. For example, if your player defeats the 20th ranked player, you get 13 Quality points [33 - 20].

Good luck to all contestants!!



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