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Drive2Final, a fun Game for Tennis fans
What is Drive2Final?

Drive to Final is a fun tennis game consisting of selecting the 4 matches for Quarter Final, the 2 matches for the Semi Final and the Finalists.

All Selection must be submitted before the first match of the 4th round.
Then step back and watch your predictions unfold as the tournament moves along. It's that easy.

How to play:
1 - From the left margin, pick the current tournament.
2 - Click on 'My Drive2Final' (you must be logged in).
3 - Make your selection and Submit.
     Here is a sample ( View full sample )

R16 Matches
A.Murray - G.Muller

M.Baghdatis - K.Nishikori

D.Istomin - T.Haas

T.Ito - B.Tomic

R.Stepanek - J.Nieminen

I.Andreev - A.Dolgopolov

P.Petzschner - S.Giraldo

J.Duckworth - G.Simon

QuarterFinal 1  (pts=0)

QuarterFinal 2  (pts=0)

QuarterFinal 3  (pts=0)

QuarterFinal 4  (pts=0)

SemiFinal 1  (pts=0)

SemiFinal 2   (pts=0)

1 - For each correct pick, 8 points for Quartefinal, 16 points for the Semi, and 32 points for the Final.
2- If you only get 1 player right, your reward is 1/4 of the point corresponding to each match-up.

The bonus point is called Get Greedy.
You pick your own bonus, a number between 0 and 32.
This point will be added to your total if your match-up for the Final is correct.
The 'Get Greedy' point will be substracted if your Final prediction is wrong.
So don't get too greedy. :)

Good luck!!



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